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Ever Dreamed of “Making it Big” in the Stock Market… But it Just Hasn’t “Worked Out”?

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Do you have dreams of MAKING MORE in stocks than you make at your day job?

Many of us have learned through failed experiences that making our dreams become reality is more like an unfair fairy tale.

You’re losing money or not making enough for your time investment. If this sounds like you, you are NOT alone!

It can take years of learning accompanied with hands on testing to see any significant progress. At this point, you’ve already lost money with the hope of making that money back. 

Maybe you haven’t started yet and you’re trying to minimize your losses. 

The stock market CAN make you money but there are fundamental principles that you MUST understand.

Road Map To Trade Success

Let me tell you about a little about myself.

My name is is Peter Schneider. I’ve been trading on the stock market for the past 20+ years.

I’ve discovered how to trade with less stress and how to experience monkey-making success. 

I lost 2.7 million dollars back in 2008. I’ll be the first to tell you what NOT to do.

Since then, I’ve learned:

  • What not to do in the stock market
  • When to make your trades
  • What companies to avoid
  • How to follow a schedule that consistently works

Generating a positive return on your investment is possible and can happen sooner than you think.

I’ve developed a Master Earnings Calendar that shows how and when to master your trades. 

The #1 lesson when working with the stock market is how NOT to LOSE money, right?

Well, I finally figured it out.

I started teaching my method with a few students and their results have been AMAZING!

It all starts with my Master Earnings Calendar that I mentioned earlier. 

This calendar doesn’t contain any magic. It’s how I use this calendar that proves results. 

I would like to share my Master Earnings Calendar with you so you can better understand my success path.