Are you an individual stock trader? Do you need to make more money-making trades, but you feel like Wall Street’s powerful institutions and their leaders are against you? Do you have questions about making successful trades or maybe you need some tools to help you? Well look no further because this article will give you the 3 little discussed facts that Wall Street insiders don’t want you to know you need.

Best of all, these 3 little discussed facts that Wallstreet insiders don’t want you to know will put you on the fast-track to making more successful trades.

3 Little Discussed Facts That Wall Street Insiders Don’t Want You to Know.

#1: The Trading World Odds Are Stacked Against the Individual Stock Trader.

One thing’s for sure, various studies indicate computerized trading accounts for 70% or more of total trading volume in today’s markets. Once the preprogrammed fully automated computers decide to “buy” or “sell”, individual stock trader “humans” are along for the ride.

What’s most important about this is that a majority of individual stock traders, of course, are totally unprepared to handle this because a) they don’t know this fact, b) traders let their emotions interfere with otherwise rational decisions that have to be made, and c) they don’t have a proven written stock market plan.

This is important because If you don’t know how Wall street Institutions and leaders use preprogrammed multi-million- dollar computers you can be fried as quick as a bug in a bug zapper.

So, the next step for you here is to have a written stock trading plan that stock traders use and follow faithfully to create successful money-making trades and limit money losing trades.

#2: Watch the News for The Unexpected Story or Stories of The Day.

The key idea with these 3 little discussed facts that Wall Street insiders don’t want you to know is the stock market is all about placing odds on certain outcomes based on a given number factors and data points. I like to call it legal book making (legal bookies by computers). Based on up to the moment world, national and even local events odds are set on price, expected results and future expectations.

As an Individual stock trader, here’s what I mean: individual stock traders must pay attention to the major events of the day to protect and manage their active trades.

These 3 little discussed facts that Wallstreet insiders don’t want you to know is critical to Self-directed stock trader’s success with Making successful trades because, Not knowing why the stock market took a dive, went crazy and or jumped up leaves a trader unprepared to trade with the right mindset.

My advice at this point is to have smart phone and use at least two major news sources to scan the news of the3-5 times a day. If and when the market makes big up or down gyrations-abrupt change in leading indicators first things first check the market. Watch the Dow, Nasdaq, S &P 500 in the big picture direction to monitor what’s happening in the world and your stocks.

Suggestion for App to use, I use Yahoo Finance to see the Dow and Nasdaq they are pre-loaded. You can enter the stocks your watching on the list and stocks you have active position your trading to monitor movements. Word of caution, don’t get crazy watching the ups and downs. Having a written trading plan will steady your nerves. It’s a tool to use.

#3: Know Your Companies Earnings Release Date and Time Before You Make Your Stock or Options Trade.

These 3 little discussed facts that Wall Street insiders don’t want you to know is all about the fact that Wall street all powerful automated computers know the earnings date and time and watch the run up or down into earnings and after earnings report. The computers detect movements constantly up or down and trade after earnings based on these new facts of how the company did that quarter or year end. If you don’t know you’re the company’s earnings date and time, your placing a trade on not knowing the most critical factor on the stocks next move. It is estimated that after a company’s earnings release 2 out of 3 companies stock price remains flat or losses value.

This is very important for everyone because in order to have long term success you need to time your trade before you make it.

So now you should have a stock market calendar and research checklist to know your trades most crucial date.

This represents just a summary of the 3 little discussed facts that Wallstreet insiders don’t want you to know about. Self-directed stock traders need to know these facts before they make before they trade to become long term successful traders.

What are the consequences of ignoring this advice?

  • A. You don’t properly time your trade to the market or the stock you intend to trade You might buy the stock at the wrong time and or wrong price.
  • B. You might buy when you should stay on the sidelines.
  • C. You don’t play by Wall street’s rules and will suffer the consequences.

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