Wish You Knew the Fundamentals of Timing Your Stock Trades?

No one, and no trading course, showed me the big picture of prospective and timing. No one and no trading course, showed me the importance, and the danger that comes with trading around a company’s earnings release date and time.

I did not understand, or comprehend, the actual events and consequences of the earnings release as they unfolded and how they affected my stock trade. 

My trades consistently ran into a buzz saw, hitting me with big losses. The information in this book will help you navigate the most dangerous, and the largest, wealth-producing times in the market. 

You’ll learn to understand and use the Golden Magical Two-Week Window of Wealth. You’ll also learn about critical trading windows around and through a company’s Earnings Release date and time, and how these trading windows are critical to your overall success.

Want to Avoid Trading Mistakes That Cost Me $2.7 Million?

Most books that talk about stock trading focus on strategies, indicators, methods, and formulas. How to build a house, with what materials to use, and how to put them together to make successful trades.This book is different.When you know the pitfalls to avoid, and you learn to recognize the traps ahead of time, you can save yourself a TON of time, frustration, AND money.Plus, we humans learn by examples and stories. When we see what NOT to do, combined with solid advice on what to do instead, it creates a faster, more enduring learning experience.